How Runners Can Reduce Injuries Without Going To The Gym Or Needing To Become A Full-Time Athlete

Through our Strength and conditioning program, you are just seconds away from all the essential training and support needed to start reducing injuries, love your running again and smashing personal bests

Who Is This For?

This is for marathon runners who want to avoid injuries, train harder  and ultimately run faster...

  • You cant put together consistent training without breaking down?

    Try to increase the volume or intensity of running and your body cant handle it and you end up injured? Highly frustrating we know!

  • You don't know where to go for the right help?

    There is so much confusing information out there, where should I go to for help? I've tried things before that either didn't work, didn't suit my needs or weren't running specific. 

  • You put so much time and effort into my running and either get injured or struggle on race day?

    Running is a BIG thing in your life - you put so much time and energy into it, but then have to deal with the frustrations of getting injured during a build up or having your body let you down on the day - especially at the end of marathons 

“I’ve been there – trained my socks off for the New York Marathon, but because my body wasn’t strong enough, I completely fell apart in the second half and no exaggeration, had to be wheelchaired away from the finish line because my legs wouldn’t work. It was horrible!

After implementing regular strength and conditioning into my training I went from that wheelchair moment to 5 months later finishing in the top 20 of London Marathon in a time of 2.16.”

(John Beattie – Move Better Run Better founder)

The Move Better Run Better Injury Prevention Program"

An online program specifically for runners who want to avoid injuries, train harder and run faster

  • Create a strong and robust body so that can you handle more mileage and faster paces without getting injured

  • Have full confidence in your training so that you can achieve your goals and hit PBs on race day

  • No more spending hours wasting time looking at confusing and conflicting information, meaning that you can get on with the training and other important things 

  • Be able to recover quicker from harder sessions so that you can enjoy your runs more

  • Know that you can fit this type of training in without going to the gym or having to drop everything and become a full time athlete

This isn’t like any program you’ve seen or experienced before…

I’m sure your sat there thinking you’ve heard it all before and you’re wondering how can this program possibly be any different than everything else out there.


Well, let us share a few things with you…

The Move Better Run Better Injury Prevention Program is like no other program out there. Not only have we designed this specifically for runners based on many years of experience both as an elite athlete and as coaches, but we avoid the pitfalls that most other programs out there will leave you...

  • Doing training that is NOT RUNNING SPECIFIC:

    HIIT, Bootcamp, Crossfit, Pilates, Yoga etc – Some are too intense with no regard for technique, others may be too light and not challenge you enough. Generic fitness classes are aimed at helping the masses keep fit, which is very different from helping runners to avoid injury and run faster.

  • Left on your OWN with no plan:

    You see a physio, they give you some exercises to do but that’s it. No accountability, no progression, no support or feedback and unless you go back for a follow up appointment, then that one programme is all you’ll get. Alternatively, you download free sessions from the internet, and with no overall plan or 'skin in the game' don't stick at it for more than a few weeks. 

  • Struggling for TIME​:

    Many programmes will require you to train at a set place or at a set time or both if offline. We get that you are not a full-time athlete and have lots going on. Without a program that fits seamlessly into your life, you'll find it difficult to stick with it any consistently.

Empowering you with all that you need to avoid injuries and get the most out of your running

  • Getting In The BEST Shape Of Your Life: You want to train harder, and avoiding injuries will allow you to do that 

  • Huge sense of ACHIEVEMENT: Imagine reaching the finishing line of your target race inside your target time knowing that all the hard work has been worth it.

  • Higher levels of CONFIDENCE: When you feel confident with running, this spreads to many other areas of life: Your job, business, family, relationships, other hobbies

  • More ENERGY for running: Because your body is in better shape, you’ll be have more energy and a spring in your step to enjoy your runs

  • Knowing your BODY better: You’ll know which areas are strong and which areas need more work and HOW to do that work

  • Meet like-minded runners: Running can be lonely sometimes, not with us! Meet and make friends with like-minded runners from all over the world going through a similar journey to you 

So What Is The Investment?

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How It Works...

We've broken the program into 3 specific phases, based on many years’ experience and hundreds of successful applications...

  • PHASE #1 - Understanding

    There is no point jumping straight onto the hamster wheel. To start with we’ll figure out WHY you are here. Why have you joined this programme? What are your goals? What will give you purpose when things get tough. From there we’ll work out how to implement the training into your life at a time that works for you. Finally, this initial phase will involve an assessment so that you know exactly which areas you are strong on and which will need more work

  • PHASE #2 - Implementing

    The second part is where the hard work really begins. You’ll get into a routine and begin to get use to the workouts. You know exactly how the training fits into your life. Consistently doing the work will mean that weaker areas will get stronger and this will begin to show in how you are feeling within your runs.  

  • PHASE #3 - Progressing

    Now you are truly into the swing of things, the training has become routine and you have built a solid foundation of strength. You’ll be able to progress to higher level sessions. A reassessment should reveal much improved score across the board from when you first started. 

Here Is Exactly What You Get Once You Join The MBRB Injury Prevention Program...

  • Strength and Conditioning Training Plan 

    Clear running specific strength and conditioning training plans to follow - with every workout comprehensively explained and available in video form for you to follow. All workouts can be done in your own home on your own time and are designed to work WITH your running 

  • Regular Strength Assessments  

    Find out where you are strong and where needs work with our comprehensive screening tools. Also a great way to measure progress as you move through the program.

  • Private Members Areas 

    The entire curriculum is contained within a private members area which you will receive a unique login for. You will also be added to our private members-only Facebook group, where you can interact with other runners on the course 

  • Access To Expert Coaches and Guest Speakers

    Weekly live Q&A sessions with expert coaches John Beattie (Running specific expertise) and Lilly Adkins (Strength / injury prevention expertise). Membership also includes access to our special guest speaker sessions, which will typically be professional athletes, coaches or other relevant inspirational figures. 

  • Loads Of Extra Support

    Need additional conditioning workouts? Struggling with motivation? Want to know more about cross training? No problem - All of this (and much more) will be covered in detail and stored on our members area 

  • Flexible Membership 

    No lengthy contracts - Flexible rolling membership options to suit your needs and specific race plans. We simply ask that you give this a minimum of 3 months to allow time for the work to start producing noticeable payoffs. 

Hear from some runners who have already taken action​...

“I had achieved three sub 3 marathons without any injuries, but I felt I was plateauing. I knew core strength and flexibility were weaknesses and that working on that would be a key step to reaching the next level.


I liked the idea of online sessions. It’s a lot less hassle than turning up somewhere and you still get the quality and runner specific session that you can’t get from YouTube etc. 


I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and my worries about some things being too tricky turned out not to be an issue. When running, especially on tempo runs, I’ve felt much stronger through the core and my stride length has increased.


I’d definitely recommend. The sessions are easy to fit around a busy family and work life.” 

Sam Richardson

“I was just coming back from yet another injury, I’d been on a constant cycle for years 3-6 months training 2-3 months injured.


Now I feel like a totally different runner, I’ve not got the constant hip aches etc that I thought was just a part of being a runner.


I feel so much stronger I feel confident of a pb every time I race, it’s great to be able book races in advance and not have to pull out through injury.”              

Gary Berzins

“I was really struggling to keep up my strength and conditioning without accountability even though I knew what I was supposed to do, so the online sessions were an absolute God send.


I’m feeling much stronger, fitter and more coordinated again, getting back to where I was previously.


I would highly recommend. You know you’ll be doing exactly the right exercise to help you improve your running.”

Janet Davies

I know you are probably thinking... 

“what makes you different than everything else out there?”​

Here’s How I Know This Will Work For You...​

The Move Better Run Better Injury Prevention Program will be like nothing you’ve seen or experienced before.


This is not a ‘fixed in 5 seconds’ gimmick, that promises lots and delivers little, nor is it going to require you to drop everything and become a full time athlete.  


This programme takes a holistic approach to helping real people who live normal busy lives, do all that they can with the time that they have to reduce the risk of injuries and ultimately get the absolute most out of what it is that they love to do – and that is run. 


You will be joining a straight talking, no nonsense program, where we cut the fluff and give you exactly what you need to minimise the risk of injuries derailing your running. 

If All This Program Did For You Was...

  • Finally helped you to know exactly what to do to remain injury free...would this be worth it? 

  • Gave you a clear and easy to follow program that saved you time and unwanted confusion...would this be worth it?

  • Gave you ALL the structure and coaching you need for a sustainable long-term solution rather than just focus on a quick fix...would this be worth it?

YES... Of Course It Would!

And Because We Are So Confident This Programme WILL Transform Your Running, We Will Make It Really Easy For You With Our... 



Whilst we cannot guarentee results, we will do our absolute best and give you everything need to succeed. As long as you match this energy and are willing to put the effort in then we are extremely confident that this will work for you.


However… When you join Move Better Run Better you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for whatever reason you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel within the first 14 days, just let us know and we'll send you a full refund.

John Beattie and Lilly Adkins

Founders of Move Better Run Better 

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