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This program comes with a 14 day satisfaction money back guarentee. 

What you get:

  • Strength and Conditioning Training Plan 

    Clear running specific strength and conditioning training plans to follow - with every workout comprehensively explained and available in video form for you to follow. All workouts can be done in your own home on your own time and are designed to work WITH your running 

  • Strength Assessments - Find out where you are strong and where needs work with our comprehensive screening tools. Also a great way to measure progress as you move through the program.

  • Private Members Areas - The entire curriculum is contained within a private members area which you will receive a unique login for. You will also be added to our private members-only Facebook group, where you can interact with other runners on the course 

  • Access To Expert Coaches and Guest Speakers -

    Weekly live Q&A sessions with expert coaches John Beattie (Running specific expertise) and Lilly Adkins (Strength / injury prevention expertise). Membership also includes access to our special guest speaker sessions, which will typically be professional athletes, coaches or other relevant experts. 

  • Library of Important Information and Support -

    Need additional conditioning workouts? Struggling with motivation? Want to know more about cross training? No problem - All of this (and much more) will be covered in detail and stored in your members area

    “I love how much better my hip feels already. I have already had my first PB and definitely felt more confident pushing myself in the race, knowing that I am strong enough to do so.” 

    Alison Leatherbarrow

    “I kept falling apart in marathons before 30k. I didn’t feel equipped to deal with the full distance from a physical or mental point of view. Now, my strength and conditioning is 100 times better. Mentally I feel I can achieve anything I aim for.”

    Charles Sultan 

    “I’m hitting times already that for years I’d told myself I wasn’t capable of/too old/wrong build etc. It’s no exaggeration to say that the MBRB strength & conditioning sessions have completely transformed my approach & enjoyment of my running, even after only a few months. I’m excited to see where I can take it. Put simply- it works.”

    Trev Symcox

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