Who Is This For?

  • You don't know where to go for the right help?

  • You put so much time and effort into your running and struggle on race day?

“I feel blessed to have had a long and successful career as an elite international athlete. Yes I have worked very hard but there is absolutely no way any of this would have happened without quality coaches helping me every step of the way. Even now, after 20+ years as a runner I am still coached. 


Having support, structure, accountability, and someone to share the journey with just makes life as a runner so much easier and more fun. 

(John Beattie – Move Better Run Better founder, 2.16 marathoner and professional coach)

  • Someone to share the journey with - Support, structure and accountability is provided by a professional coach who you can celebrate the wins with or lean to when support is needed

This isn’t like any program you’ve seen or experienced before…

I’m sure your sat there thinking you’ve heard it all before and you’re wondering how can this program possibly be any different than everything else out there.


Well, let us share a few things with you…

  • Following COPY and PASTE training:

  • Facing unrealistic TIME Expectations:

  • The training is delivered once or twice a month via a spreadsheet and off you go until the next lot comes through. You are one of many runners that the coach is working with and as such find it hard to reach out for support or if you need to change the program. 

  • Bored and CONFUSED​:

Empowering you with the coaching that you need to get the most out of RUNNING and LIFE

  • Meet LIKE-MINDED runners: Running can be lonely sometimes, not with us! Through the MBRB community you can connect with like-minded runners from all over the world going through a similar journey to you 

  • PHASE #1 - Understanding You As A Runner And As A Person

  • PHASE #2 - Getting To Work 

  • Kickstarter Call 

    Getting as much understanding about each other as we can before we get started. The kickstarter call will be your opportunity to share as much information as you can with your coach. They will ask questions about your training history, targets, and how and where running will fit seamlessly into your life. This will be the perfect way to start the relationship. 

  • Bespoke WEEKLY Personal Training Program And Feedback  

  • Private Members Areas 

  • The  MBRB Community - Access To Expert Coaches and Guest Speakers

    We cannot emphasize enough that MBRB are NOT just about giving you a training plan. We take a holistic approach to give you as much as we can that will not only improve your running, but will also improve your life to. This is one of the key fundamentals that MBRB has been built on - You will have access to weekly live Q&A sessions with expert coaches John Beattie (Running specific expertise) and Lilly Adkins (Strength / injury prevention expertise). Membership also includes access to our mindset sessions, special guest speaker sessions, which will typically be professional athletes, coaches, subject specific experts, or other relevant inspirational figures. 

Don't just take our word for it... Hear from some runners who we currently work with​...

Rachel M set PBs at 5k, 10k, HM and Marathon in 2020

Darren went from 4.30 to 3.13 in the marathon in 2020 (And to 3.03 in 2021)

Rachel W setting PBs over 5k, 10k and HM in 2020

Nicola, who went from 1.51 to 1.38 in the HM (3.49 Marathon debut in 2021)

Charles - 3.39 to 3.09 in a single marathon in just 6 months (Now 6* World Marathon Major finisher)

Darren King - VLM V50 winner and ran 2.32 aged 51, and 2.31 in Yorkshire Marathon

I know you are probably thinking... 

“What makes you different than everything else out there?”​

Working with MBRB will be like nothing you've seen or experienced before and here's why... ​

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